Sunday, 29 December 2013

Raven's Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward is an act of kindness that will change a person's life.

My Pay It Forward act of kindness was donating food to Siloam Mission(My original plan was to personally give each person food). I chose to do this particular activity because, at the time it was close to Christmas, and the theme of Christmas is to give. As I said before, I was donating food to the Siloam Mission Homeless Shelter, so obviously I'm helping people who are experiencing homelessness. What I did to do this task was really just asking the supervisors if I could donate some food. They said of course, and told me to put the food in the kitchen. After that, I thanked them, they thanked me, and I was done with it. This activity was done on Saturday, 21st of December.

When, and after I did this, I felt...good. I also kind of felt proud for myself,considering this is something I actually have never done before, and that I spent MY own money on this food. But hey, like I said, it's good to give. Naturally, I am pretty generous, if I do say so myself, but that's besides the point.
Unfortunately, I could not interact with the people, and therefore, could not find out their reactions, nor ask them to pay it forward. Which sucks, but donating the food is the best that I could do in my ability.
                                                                                                                     -Raven Pana