Sunday, 27 January 2013

Converting decimals,fractions,percents

Converting is not as tough as it looks, keep reading and I'll show you how to convert.
Converting means to change a fraction,decimal or a percent.

Converting fractions to decimals. 

You will need your numerator and your denominator (The numerator is how much pieces your using, the denominator is how much you have) and divide them both, ex. 3 divided by 12 is 0.25 (when were talking about fractions, that line in between the two numbers always means divide). 

Converting decimals to fractions.

There is not really an explanation of how to convert or change decimals to fractions.You just have to say it (ex. o.5= 5/10 (5 tenths), 0.32= 32/100 (32 hundreths).

Decimals to percents.

Decimals to percents are most likely the easiest "topic" to do when your converting. Just multiply the decimal by 100 and get the percentage of it. (ex. 0.40x100=40%, 0.64x100=64%)

Percents to Decimals.

Percents to decimals is exactly like decimals to percent but only opposite when it comes to multiplying. In this case (Percents to decimals) you will have to divide. (ex. 68 divided by 100=0.68, 9 divided by 100= 0.09, etc.

Percents to fraction.

The max pieces we have (or 100%) will be the denominator and how much we have (percentage) will be our numerator. ex. 60%=60/100, 12%=12/100.(Remember, denominator= how much pieces we have, numerator=how much pieces we are using.)

Thanks for reading,hope I helped you out by even just a bit. 

Have a great day,

                       Gabby S 7-72.

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