Monday, 28 January 2013

Mixed and Improper Fractions

Mixed fractions are numbers that have a whole and a fraction together. (Ex. 1¼, or 3½). Whereas improper fractions are fractions where the numerator is more than the denominator (Ex. 12/6, 7/2, 10/4) 

To convert a mixed number to an improper, you need to do these steps: 
(Let's say convert 4¼ to an improper fraction)
  •  First, you need to know that the whole would be something like 4/4. So the question is 4 wholes. 
  • Then multiply the wholes by the denominator, that will show you how many there will be. So 4 x 4 = 16. 
Then after you add whatever is left, which is ¼. ¼ + 16 = 17/4. 


And that is how you convert mixed fractions/numbers to improper fractions.

To convert an improper fraction to a mixed, you can do these steps: 
(The number is...18/4) 
  • Find out how many times the denominator would fit into the number (18), by dividing the numerator by the denominator. (4 wholes,= 16 pieces.)
  • Then, after dividing it. You will see a decimal point after, which means what is left. (Which is 2 in this...) which equals 2/4.
  • Then add the whole and the fraction together. (4+2/4 = 4 2/4) 
  • If, the number ends up being something like 4 2/4, then you have to turn it into lowest terms. With even numbers you just divide it by 2 then continue till you get to lowest terms. (4 1/2 is lowest terms by the way.)

           Janette Inocencio of 7-72

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