Sunday, 27 January 2013

Math, Review

Hello I see you need help with your fractions. Let me help you with that.

Lets say you add two fractions together and you get a larger numerator than your denominator.
eg. 2/3 + 453 = 7/3
Now if you need to make it not an improper fraction ill show you how to do it.
eg. 3 divided by 7. You'll probably get 1 2/3. How you may ask, well to get this you need to take the remaining number and that becomes your whole number, after that you'll need too take the number that you used to get your remainder or answer, that number would be 2, lastly you need to get the  denominator and well put it as the denominator. and there you have it improper ti mixed numbers.

You could also make to a proper number if you have numbers that go in each other perfectly or smoothly

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